Video Production Service


We are offering clients from North America and China, a first-class shooting experience in North America, China, and Europe. Our experienced filmmakers will work with you from concept to completion, we supply all the essential skills and services to deliver a successful project.


Our team has produced over 150 works within the last 2 years, through humanity documentary to TV commercials. We created our own social media channels to share our original mini-documentaries and reach the global audiences, which has attracted over 2 million views online. Our commercials videos also achieved recognition and praises from our clients and industry.

We Provide Services with:

Brand Film,Corperation Video, TV Commercials,Event couverage,Video Training, Product Video,TV series,short documentaries,online video ads,social media content,Reality shows



River Green 2 TVC

Maione Beauty Line TVC

Sanfer Integrated Cooker TVCommercial

Made in Changzhou, China Promo

Anti-Drugs-Public Service Announcement (Mandarin Version)

BC Adventure Pass

Fiat Viaggio

Alibaba Smart Living Commercial

Maione Beauty Line TVC

Exhibition: Watches and Wonders by Vacheron Constantin

Alibaba SYCM Data Service Promo Video

Canada Berries Promo Video 加拿大果梅酒庄宣传片

Key Admission Educational Consulting Inc. Promo Video

EIC Education Promo Video 启德教育宣传片

Smash Therapy Promo Video 砸8 宣传片

个人形象宣传片 – 亿嘉国际皇冠大使吕杰&刘维

个人形象宣传片 – 亿嘉国际皇冠大使吕杰&刘维

Casa Loma

TANFU Luxury Community by NGS Real Estate

Alibaba IT Department Recruitment Video

YIJIA US Grand Opening Ceremony Video

YiJia International Hawaii Trip Promo Video

YiJia Canada 2nd Anniversary Opening Video

Puyuan Fashion in France

Discover the Brand Story of Kiehl‘s with Tmall Super Brand Day

Exhibition: Watches and Wonders by Vacheron Constantin

大温饭团招聘创意广告 2


Puyuan Fashion in France

BC Adventure Pass


Blackbird Dancing Company in L.A.

Motocross Champion Chris Plouffe

Maple Syrup Producer



O5 Rare Tea Bar Minidoc

更北美《扫帚的艺术》The Arts of Broom

Dr. Canoe-Roger Foster

Be Your Own Icon – Lyn Slater

Plus Size Model

Casa Loma

The Future Arts

John Cosentini: Custom Motorcycle Enhancements