Who we are

Timegap Media is a global media company that focuses on video production, media strategy and social media marketing.

Within two years, Timegap has established two office locations in North America and China: Vancouver and Hangzhou. Our headquarters in North America is set in Vancouver which is mainly responsible for global video production and oversea media solution. And the Hangzhou’s branch is responsible for local production and China media marketing service, and communicate with the Vancouver headquarter.  

Our Team

Our core members are mostly with decades experience in film production, brand promotion, project management and business operation. With the understanding of Chinese and Western culture and content consumers, our team can draft an effective content plan that conforms to the global market.

Timegap collaborates with over 30 PGC (Professionally Generated Content) teams based in LA, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington D.C., Boston and Seattle to name a few. Within the last two year, we have produced over 150+ original mini-documentaries to be aired all over the world and have attracted over 900,000 followers on China and North America social media.